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Announcements: A Tribute to a Fallen MOS Member


A Tribute to a Fallen MOS Member 


Paying Tribute to our Sister in Arms: Trisina V. Porter

Trisina V. PorterTrisina V. Porter was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 21, 1962. Trisina had five siblings, she was the fourth child, and you would have thought she was the oldest, as she took on a leadership role. Trisina says she went to church with her grandmother often as a child and she loved serving in the church as she began to raise her children, she loved the Lord.

U.S. Air Force logoTrisina vowed to make a good life for herself and to make a difference in the world. When she was old enough, she decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force in which she served 5 1/2 years. While enlisted and stationed in Hawaii, Trisina met and married Art Evans and to that union, two beautiful children were born, Nichelle and LaShaunta. After returning to the United States years later, Trisina worked as a civil servant at several government agencies. Much of what she often spoke about is that she loved being in the military and learned very strict and meticulous ways, which was befitting to her because she added a loving personality with it and everybody loved her.

She later married Reginald Porter and had two daughters Alysa and Aliyah. Trisina loved her family and spent a lot of time with them from taking vacations together to eating out and many other activities she would always speak of doing.  Trisina held very strict religious beliefs while still being a loving person, friend, wife, and mother. One of her co-workers remember her saying, she remembered what the military taught her; to believe in herself, and she spoke of the military often telling of her hard times and fun times.

Trisina and her husband worked together at two government agencies the latter being the Internal Revenue Service, until he retired. Trisina was looking forward to retiring to spend more time with her husband and family.

One thing that was known about Trisina is that she worked endlessly raising and educating her daughters to be beautiful young women, so they would have a good life, a childhood that could be envied by many; she was a very good mother.

While working full time, Trisina took classes online and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University. Trisina was very adamant about receiving an education, all her children graduated from high school and Trisina was proud of each of them for their achievements. She spent as much time as she could with her family, enjoying every minute loving them and being a big part of their lives.

Trisina had many friends and made many new friends the more time she was employed, she would speak to everyone with a big smile, and upbeat attitude, that was the character. Everyone loved her spirit and cherished her friendship.

Trisina joined the Detroit Chapter of the IRS employee organization Military Outreach for Service (MOS), and participated in most of the events given by MOS and other Special Emphasis Groups, constantly making new friends.

Her co-workers celebrated her 52nd birthday with her at SLOW’s BBQ in downtown Detroit. In addition, Trisina’s 19th wedding anniversary was approaching and she was preparing to celebrate when suddenly she got ill and had to be hospitalized. Trisina took a turn for the worse and suddenly passed away on September 2, 2014.

Trisina left behind a legacy for her family and friends.  She was and is a proud soldier of the Lord and will never be forgotten. God Bless you our sister in arms.

Respectfully submitted by Patricia Weisman and Gwendolyn Aikens
Military Outreach for Service Detroit Chapter


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