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Announcements: SB/SE employee serves his country in more ways than one


SB/SE employee serves his country in more ways than one 


(Story from the SBSE Web Connection, April 22, 2014)
Keith DeHartKeith DeHart, lead financial assistant, is proud to have served in the Army Reserves for nearly 31 years, and equally proud to currently serve his country in SB/SE Correspondence Exam at the Ogden IRS Center.
DeHart recently retired from the Army Reserves, but has no immediate plans to leave the IRS. “I grew up appreciating my life here and felt the best way to show that was to serve my country,” he said.
He enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1982 and for one weekend a month, and two weeks a year, he donned military fatigues and made sure soldiers had the supplies they needed to do their jobs. In 1988, while maintaining his military status, he joined the IRS working in the Ogden campus mailroom. “In 2003, I received my first two-year deployment to other military bases across the country, making sure equipment and supplies got to our troops overseas,” DeHart said. His next deployment was in 2009 to the support operations officer’s staff in Iraq, returning from duty in May 2010.
DeHart expressed how supportive his IRS family was while he was gone. “The whole time I was overseas, I always knew I had not been forgotten,” he said. “We stayed connected via email.”
According to Dehart, Army life is very different from IRS life. “In the Army, you just do what your superior tells you to do — no questions asked,” DeHart said. “But in civilian life, you can ask why and even ponder the outcome. Generally in the Army, that is not for you to worry about.”
DeHart feels the IRS is more of a big-picture environment. “We help taxpayers; we see their concerns and try to work them out.”
As if his military and IRS service weren’t enough, DeHart is also working to help shape America’s future through his various mentoring roles with kids in his community. He has served America in the past, is currently serving America, and is helping shape those who will serve in the future.
“I’m grateful for what I have, and giving back is the best way to show it,” DeHart said. “It sets an example for the kids I work with and it’s what keeps me ticking.”


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