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Contacting MOS

MOS welcomes your questions or comments. Please note that MOS members, including the national officers, may hold full-time jobs with the federal government and will get back to you as soon as possible.

     Kenneth Brock
     TEL: 801-620-2427
     Telephone: (312) 292-3021


     Marie Judkins
     TEL: 801-620-6277

     Adam Shreboe
     TEL: 470-769-3912

     Counsel to MOS
     Mark L. Hulse, Esq.
     TEL: 516-688-1721
     Email: Mark.L.Hulse@IRSCounsel.Treas.Gov

     Website and Facebook
     David W. Heiser
     TEL: 202-317-3447

 Contact the webmaster at to get logon permissions for the MOS website or for any issues relating to the website. You must be a dues paying member to receive logon privileges.

Mailing Address

If you wish to contact MOS in writing, our address is:

     Military Outreach for Service
     P.O. Box 85
     Morgan, UT 84050

Please note that membership applications are only accepted electronically.

You can also pay your national dues or make a donation on our Donation page.

You can also contact MOS by email at:

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Last updated: 05-OCT-2017