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Announcements: DC Chapter Hosts Semper K9


DC Chapter Hosts Semper K9 


Semper K-9 logoThe Washington DC Chapter of MOS hosted a two-day event at IRS National Headquarters where they collected American flags for retirement and tried to attract new membership.
But the highlight and main attraction were, paws down, Mike and Norman, two canines in training with the Semper K9 organization of Northern Virginia.
 “This experience was an eye opener for some of the chapter members, as well as IRS-employees. It was educational and informative.” states Sara Covington, an employee and MOS member.
“…this is unlike any other charity I’ve seen before. I’ve never seen a program help out two problems at once. Semper K9 rescues a poor puppy and gives it purpose while giving support to wounded military.” Chris Rodriguez, an IRS employee.
During the demonstration, employees stopped by to listen as the Semper K9’s executive director explained service dog greeting etiquette. “You should always ask to pet any dog, especially a service dog.” explained Christopher Baity. “Some service dog handlers may say ‘No!’ and that is because their dog is currently working and assisting them, so do not be offended.”
Baity explained that Semper K9’s service dogs in training are taught a command ‘Say Hello’ so that they can teach others the proper way to greet a service dog in the future.
“We enjoyed the two day demonstration, there were a lot of engaging employees and some came back the next day to visit and had dog treats for Norman and Mikey.” said Amanda Causey Baity, Semper K9 Director of Operations.
The mission of Semper K9 is to provide Assistance Dogs to wounded, critically-ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. Semper K9 trains "rescue dogs" from local rescue organizations to give these unclaimed K9s a special opportunity to be the best friend and companion to a service member.
You can learn more about Semper K9 on their website. View photos of the dogs and the event.


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