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Announcements: Wash DC MOS Collect Winter Coats for Homeless Veterans


Wash DC MOS Collect Winter Coats for Homeless Veterans 


Washington DC MOS members Roberto Figueroa-Mora, Lisa Lee, Samantha Cairns and Catherine Haines gather in front of boxes of coats and other winter wear they helped collect from employees in the IRS headquarters building. Click to enlarge. MOS members and other IRS employees working at the IRS headquarters building and New Carrollton spent time during December 2014 and early January 2015 helping collect winter coats for the 2015 Winterhaven Homeless Veterans Stand Down program. Sponsored by the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the program is in its 24th year of reaching out to homeless veterans in the Washington DC area.

Richard M. Bundy III, an Information Technology employee in New Carrollton, organized the drive for local IRS offices. When MOS Wash DC got wind of the project, chapter members eagerly jumped in to publicize the drive and donate and collect items for the needy veterans. The head office of Media & Publications sponsored and publicized a collection box that was filled with more than 25 items.

Collection of coats donated by Washington area IRS employees, spearheaded by IRS employee Richard M. Bundy. Click to enlarge. As of January 9, 2015, the IRS effort resulted in a collection of more than 120 heavy and light coats, long john sets, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, 100 toothbrushes, and a stack of green cloth bags. The clothing was delivered to ZIPS Dry Cleaners who donated their services to clean the items before distribution.



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