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Announcements: M.O.S.T. keeps busy supporting troops and veterans


M.O.S.T. keeps busy supporting troops and veterans 


MOST members at work. Click to enlarge.Members of the Military Outreach for Service for Troops (M.O.S.T.) Chapter had a busy schedule of activities during the last couple of months for their ongoing support of veterans and active duty service members.
On October 10, 2015, members staffed a booth at the Ogden 5K Run/ 1 mile walk event in Ogden to raise funds to cover postage for care packages the chapter sends to military service members posted overseas and to support the beneficiary of the event. Proceeds of the 5K/1M event went to the activity fund of the George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home. The chapter raised around $150 to help pay for shipping of care packages. M.O.S.T. members visit veterans in the home throughout the year and have frequently sponsored activities for them.
On Saturday, November 7, 2015, Chapter members attended the 10th annual Ogden, UT Veterans Day parade. MOST set up a booth at the end of the parade. Their goal was to show support and appreciation of our military and veterans in the local community. Members handed out information pamphlets, veterans benefits booklets and bottled water. Jackie Green had the fantastic idea of having all who passed by the M.O.S.T. booth fill out a holiday card for a veteran. M.O.S.T. supplied the cards and pens; at the end of the event they had over 50 cards filled out. These cards will be included with the M.O.S.T. “Holiday Cards for Heroes” project. The chapter sold one hoodie a one decorative craft and raised $39.00 to help pay for shipping for their care packages. Participants included Brooke Rice, President; Jackie Green, Secretary; Kenneth Garcia, Treasurer; Glen Rice, M.O.S.T. member, a veteran; and Brooke’s husband; and Carol Permar, M.O.S.T. member and past president of MOS.
During the week of November 16, the chapter was busy filling and preparing approximately 23 care packages to be shipped to employees and relatives deployed with the U.S. military overseas. Since 2011, M.O.S.T. has shipped more than 130 care packages. M.O.S.T. President Brooke Rice offered special praise for Jackie Green for procuring the shipping supplies and hosting the packaging at her home and for Christi Trussell for providing transportation of the donations.
M.O.S.T. held their "Holiday Cards for Heroes collection" on November 25th. Boxes were placed in various locations throughout IRS buildings for employees to deposit cards expressing their well wishes and appreciation.  M.O.S.T. then had a group of 2015 REO protégés collecting, sorting and counting the cards on 11/25.  M.O.S.T. has a contest running: the IRS team that submits the most cards is to win a prize!  The total number of cards collected as well as the number of cards received from the winning team will be determined that day.  M.O.S.T. President Brooke Rice delivered all of the cards to the Red Cross location in Salt Lake City for distribution to local military families and veterans.
You can view more photos of M.O.S.T. activities in the Ogden photo library.


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