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Announcements: Congratulations to the Atlanta Chapter


Congratulations to the Atlanta Chapter 


In a meeting of the national board of directors, the Atlanta chapter of MOS-IRS was awarded the first formal chapter certification. On November 5, 2009, the MOS-IRS national directors unanimously approved the chapter's bylaws. The other chapters are considered to be in developmental status until their own local bylaws are approved by the national board. Atlanta has the distinction of being awarded "Chapter #1."
President Allen Lichtenwalner issued the following statement:
"On behalf of the Military Outreach for Service - Internal Revenue Service, I want to officially congratulate Sharon Davis and her team in Atlanta, Georgia for becoming the first fully approved Chapter within the MOS.  From this point forward, they are to be officially known as Peachtree Patriot Chapter (MOS Chapter Number 1).  Their team successfully completed their Chapter Application Package including Bylaws which were reviewed by our Bylaws Committee and recommended for approval to the NGB.  The NGB approved them today.
"Please join everyone on the National Governing Board in extending our thank you and congratulations! We look forward to more exciting news coming from the Peachtree Patriot Chapter."
Allen L. Lichtenwalner, RO, EMBA
President, Military Outreach for Service


MOS Peachtree Chapter Recognition.pdf    
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