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Announcements: MOS-IRS Logo available for Chapter Use


MOS-IRS Logo available for Chapter Use 


Allen Lichtenwalner, national president of MOS-IRS, released today the MOS-IRS logo for chapter use. The logo is not to be altered. Two Microsoft PowerPoint files also contain the logo and show how it can be incorporated into stationery. The text field under the logo should be changed to reflect the local chapter.
To use as stationery header, follow these steps:
  1. Open the .PPT or .PPTX (MS PowerPoint 2007) file in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Click in the text field where it reads "Allen ..." and change the information to reflect your chapter information.
  3. Select the object and use CTRL + Right Click to select the graphic.
  4. Right click and select Arrange --> Group Objects. The group command might be a little different between Office 2003 and Office 2007. The idea is to group them together.
  5. Select the object again.
  6. Right click and select "Save as a picture."
  7. Save as a .GIF or .JPEG file.
  8. You can then import your new graphic file as a graphic in your word processing file.
You can find the logo graphic and the PowerPoint files in the Shared Documents library on the Chapters main page.
Caution: The logo is for official use only for MOS-IRS official business. Any misuse could result in disciplinary action per the MOS-IRS bylaws. When in doubt, ask one of the national governance board members.
Posted 14-JAN-2009


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Created at 1/14/2009 8:03 PM  by D.W. Heiser 
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