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Announcements: Benefits of Formal Recognition


Benefits of Formal Recognition 


As spelled out in Chapter X of the bylaws for Military Outreach for Service, as amended December 2, 2013, benefits and responsibilities come with formal recognition. The officially recognized chapters are on the chapters website. These benefits include:
  • National and IRS recognition: a chapter recognized under the MOS bylaws and included in the MOS umbrella is entitled to recognition by Internal Revenue Service and with that recognition, the right to use certain government resources for official chapter business.
  • Local website: formally recognized chapters receive a free website under the MOS website collection and assistance from the national webmaster.
  • Solicitation of local dues and donations: an officially recognized chapter may legally solicit local dues from chapter members and donations as part of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.
  • Financial and material assistance: a recognized chapter may request and receive assistance from the national organization within its ability.
  • Federal identification number: a recognized chapter may use the national federal identification number for banking until it receives its own EIN, a requirement to be included in the umbrella organization.
  • Set national policy: a recognized chapter, through its locally elected president, gains a voice on national MOS policy.
  • Interact with local IRS officials: the elected officers of a recognized chapter may interact with local IRS officials under the terms of the Employee Organization policy.
Informal chapters and those IRS employee veterans groups operating independently of MOS are NOT entitled to use the MOS name or other MOS resources.
If you are an MOS member in good standing in a geographic area without a recognized chapter and wish to organize one, please contact the MOS National President for assistance.


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Created at 7/27/2014 11:29 AM  by D.W. Heiser 
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