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Announcements: MOS-IRS Receives Chief Counsel Guidance on Fundraising


MOS-IRS Receives Chief Counsel Guidance on Fundraising 


On January 4, 2010, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, General Legal Services, issued a memorandum to Debra Chew, Executive Director for the IRS Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The memo was a response to a request for advice on whether MOS-IRS can hold fundraisers on IRS property.
The memo states that "MOS may conduct the fundraiser on IRS property, and IRS employees may, in their personal capacities and not as part of their official duties or time, participate in the MOS fundraiser."
Other rules:
  • The chapter holding the fundraising must have permission from building management.
  • Employees may not use or permit to be used their official IRS position or title in connection with the fundraising.
  • Employees may solicit donations on IRS property and ask co-workers to participate in the fundraiser but may NOT solicit donations from subordinate employees or from prohibited sources.
For more information, see the Chief Counsel memo in the Chapters Administrative folder.


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