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Announcements: MOS sponsors Brookhaven fundraiser to help deployed troops overseas


MOS sponsors Brookhaven fundraiser to help deployed troops overseas 


From the W&I offline newsletter, July/August 2013
Acting BAMC Director Charlotte Kieliszek (left) and Brookhaven Campus Compliance Operations Director Randy Swartz were both on hand to draw the raffle winners of the MOS Silent Auction, a fundraiser coordinated by Brookhaven MOS chapter president Maureen Higgins. Click to enlarge.Brookhaven Chapter of Military Outreach for Service president Maureen Higgins wanted to do something different this year. For many years, Brookhaven employees have been sending care packages to troops and family members deployed overseas. Maureen found that a good portion of the monies raised for these fundraisers had to be used toward postage and handling fees — not where it was needed — in the supplies that shipped in the packages.

That is where the Jacob’s Light Foundation came in. Jacob’s Light is a local charity that sends American deployed military troops the necessities and comforts of home. Due to the huge support the foundation receives from sponsors and the U.S. post office, a bigger percentage of the money collected goes toward the amenities shipped to the troops rather than the fees.

Maureen decided to get a committee together and hold a silent auction, where all the proceeds would go directly to the charity. Several operations from different business units throughout the campus donated raffle baskets, with various themes, for the auction. From Summer Fun baskets to a basket filled with gift cards for local eateries — even a bicycle was up for grabs.
Employees could bid on something that interested them. The auction lasted two weeks and raised more than $4,200 for the charity. Maureen said with all the tough times lately, she could not be happier with the response. “Campus employees and management put that all aside and still stepped up to help our troops once again.”
According to Maureen, she could not have done it without the support of employees and management who gave generously and the committee members, Karen Esposito, Valerie Augello, Rachel Farrell, Marjorie Felicciardi, Diana Felix, Lesly Galloway, Ted Hollman, Ernest Jackson, Margaret Lauer, Kathleen Ryan, Lesly Schaefer and Herman Tumm, who helped.


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