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Peachtree Patriots News: Peachtree Patriots Chapter Delivers to the USO


Peachtree Patriots Chapter Delivers to the USO 


(Story by Jon Bird, Peachtree Patriots Chapter)
Chris Stackfleth and Jon Bird deliver check to the USO of Atlanta. Click to enlarge.When W&I Commissioner Peggy Bogadi retired recently, during the snow storm that paralyzed the entire city of Atlanta, the Atlanta Peachtree Patriots Chapter was there and presented a check to Peggy. This check was actually a $100 donation to be made to the United Services Organization at in her name.
Well, last week was the time, so on February 28, 2014, MOS chapter member officers Chris Stackfleth and Jon Bird visited the Atlanta USO of Georgia facility at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. While there, Chris and Jon presented the MOS check to Mary Lou  Austin, president and chief executive officer at USO of Georgia. She has been with the USO in this location since it was set up in 1977.
The USO is a private, nonprofit organization. Since its founding in 1941, the USO has been providing morale, welfare and recreation services to military personnel and their families at home and abroad.

But there's still more to the story because before Peggy Bogadi "left the building,"  she wrote out a personal check to the  MOS Atlanta Peachtree Patriots Chapter.


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