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Your User Name and Password

You need a user name and password to participate in many of the activities available on the MOS-IRS website. These include:
  • Adding documents and files.
  • Creating announcements.
  • Participating in a discussion group or blog.
  • Participating in an online work group such as a committee.
  • Updating a calendar (adding events).
  • Viewing other members of your group (where this is allowed).
  • Voting in an online election.
You are assigned a user name and password when you first join MOS-IRS and the webmaster is notified that you have paid dues. The account information is mailed to you in an email.
Your user name generally will be in the form of It may look like a link or an email address but it is not.
See also the help page on Changing Your Password.
Note: a user name and password is not required to browse most of the MOS-IRS website.

Last modified at 11/11/2009 9:47 AM  by D.W. Heiser