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Linking to a Photo

Note: To link to a photo or image, you must have already uploaded it to SharePoint or it must exist on the web somewhere. See the Uploading a Photo page.
Use the following steps to link to a photo or image.
  1. Navigate to the photo or image library.
  2. Put your mouse over the image or its icon.
  3. Select Copy shortcut
  4. Navigate to where you want to link to the image and paste the shortcut where prompted. See next step.


Example: Displaying your photo as part of your user profile.

  1. Open your user settings: Welcome, Your Name --> My Settings.
  2. Click on Edit Item.
  3. In the Picture field, paste the shortcut (Right click and Paste or Ctrl + V).
  4. Go back to your settings to view the picture. Your picture will show up on People pages where you are a member.
Watch a video from Apptix SharePoint Training on linking to a photo.

Last modified at 11/11/2009 11:59 AM  by D.W. Heiser