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Changing Your User Profile

Follow these steps to modify your user profile.
  1. If inside the IRS network, go to (Please note the “s” in https). Else, go to
  2. Click on “Sign-In” in the far right-hand upper corner.
  3. In the Connect box, type your user name (Example:, then your password, and press “OK.”
  4. In the far right-hand upper corner, you’ll now see your user name with a little drop-down arrow.
  5. Click on the drop-down arrow and select “My Settings.”
  6. Click on “Edit Item” in the middle of the screen.
  7. Change your screen name to whatever you want.
  8. Input your preferred e-mail address, if it is not your IRS e-mail address. You can list multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon.
  9. Example:;

  10. Change or add whatever other information you want MOS-IRS members to know.
  11. If you want to add a photo, see the instructions for Uploading a Photo. Once you've successfully uploaded your photo, return to My Settings and copy the web address of your photo into the Picture field. Add the name of your photo "photoname.gif" at the end of the address.

    Chapters are assigned when you join MOS-IRS. If your chapter is listed wrong or you want to join a different chapter. Send an email to the MOS-IRS president or webmaster.

  12. Click “OK” when done.


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