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Edited: 10/25/2008 12:52 PM
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Career Development (Join the Career Development Group)

Everyone has heard of the FLRP by now, and many of you have been part of it.  However, training for being a supervisor should not start once you're selected for the position; rather, it should start years before.  In my platform as I ran for President, I recommended a new MOS-FLRP Program. 


"The MOS could break new ground by developing a program similar to the Front Line Readiness Program (FLRP), but drop it one notch and start pre-qualifying and pre-training GS-11's.  Currently the program is open only to 12's and higher.  The MOS could develop their own MOS-FLRP program which helps GS-11's work toward qualifying for the FLRP.  In the military it's simply known as career broadening and career field development.  In the IRS it's a subject that no one seems to really want to touch.  How many 11's could be great supervisors (as 12's or 13's) if given the opportunity?  Why wait to develop tomorrow's leaders longer than necessary?  Start early and build them while they're fresh to the IRS...


Develop them by giving them projects which challenge their organizational, time management, project management, and written communication skills.  Have senior MOS staff members evaluate their contributions, given suggestions on areas for improvement, and have them work with the 11's on a truly functional and quantiable career development plan.  Provide suggestions on internal and external projects, community service, etc., which would help them develop further.  Suggest courses and colleges which can further their education and/or professional development.  Work within the IRS to obtain funding to help offset the MOS-FLRP "trainees"; if necessary, work outside the box and go to third parties which may be interested in helping (i.e.., military organizations and affiliations, Workforce for Tomorrow, etc.).


Now's your chance to tell me (and everyone else) what you're really thinking... How do you feel about my idea?  Pro's and Con's are both welcome...