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Started: 10/21/2008 4:58 PM
Picture Placeholder: Administrator
Communications & Publicity Team Now Forming
Now is your chance to jump in there with both feet (much like I did as Webmaster).  We're looking for a broad range of talented people to help form a new team focused on improving communication within the MOS and handling public affairs issues to let people know what we're doing, when, why, and where.  Interested?  Jump on this discussion and give us your ideas!
Posted: 10/27/2008 11:40 AM
Picture Placeholder: Administrator
Brett Feinstein, Jacksonville, FL contacted me today with a question--how do our military personnel without Internet access received the most important updates from  our employee organization.  I agree with Brett that this is a job for our communication team and will leave it to them to resolve this matter.  Possibilities include emails, newsletters, RSS feeds to Microsoft Outlook, or perhaps partnering with other organizations...  Once the team is formed, we'll let them explore the options and possible solutions...  I'm looking forward to seeing what they provide as a remedy.
             -- Allen Lichtenwalner, Webmaster
Posted: 11/5/2008 4:09 PM
Picture Placeholder: Courtney M Popenberg
Courtney M Popenberg
What and excellent idea!  I agree that a newsletter of some sort would the most efficient way to get the word out.  I have started to contact various military organizations (, VFW, DAV, the American Legion) to ask permission to link to their sites for current news related to our members.  I think if we can gain these permissions, and use our own literary skills, we can develop the "Mother of all Newsletters".  I have a couple of ideas for sending this out paper or email wise, but I would love to have a committee set up to discuss this collectively.  If anyone is interested, let's get together (you can email me) and make it happen.  What better way is there to get our word out?  I hope to hear some feedback!
~Courtney M. Popenberg