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Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.
Veterans of Foreign Wars News Feed
This is a link to the VFW news feed and contains a great deal of worthwhile reading.
American Legion News
Click here to discover what the American Legion is talking about this week.
Patriot Guard Riders
The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.  Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives: (1) Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities; and (2) Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.  To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedoms of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you.  We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all
Gold Star Fathers
The purpose of this website is to ensure that Gold Star Fathers are not alone during the funeral ceremonies of their lost children who have died for our freedom.

At the conclusion of World War II, Congress established the Gold Star Lapel Button to provide an appropriate means to identify widows and widowers, children, parents, brothers and sisters of members of the Armed Forces of the United States who lost their lives in the defense of democracy and freedom during the World Wars I and II; and any subsequent armed hostilities in which the United States became engaged.

The Gold Star Lapel Button's unique design incorporates the symbols that indicated the family's loss; the Laurel Wreath Border signifies valor; the purple field signifies the family's grief or mourning; the Gold Star has been used since World War I to signify 'Died in a Combat Theater'.
Gold Star Mothers
American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. is registered in the United States Patent Office, Legislative Branch of the United States Congressional Library and the United States World Book Almanac.

The original copy of the Federal Charter granted to the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. was placed in the Archives of Congress.

One June 12th, 1984 the Ninety-Eighth Congress of the United States granted the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. a charter. Sec. 3 lists the objects and purposes for which the corporation is organized, shall be those provided in its articles of incorporation, and shall include a continuing commitment, on a national basis.

Keep alive and develop the spirit that promoted world services.
Maintain the ties of fellowship born of that service, and to assist and further all patriotic work.
Inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, State, and Nation.
Assist veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and other strategic areas and their dependents in the presentation of claims to the Veterans’ Administration, and to aid in any way in their power the men and women who served and died or were wounded or incapacitated during hostilities.
Perpetuate the memory of those whose lives were sacrificed in our wars.
Maintain true allegiance to the United States of America.
Inculcate lessons of patriotism and love of country in the communities in which we live.
Inspire respect for the Stars and Stripes in the youth of America.
Extend needful assistance to all Gold Star Mothers and, when possible, to their descendents.
To promote peace and good will for the United States and all other Nations.
Gold Star Wives
Gold Star Wives Of America, Inc. is an organization of military widows/widowers whose spouse  died while on active duty or from service connected disabilities.  This military survivors organization has been serving war widows from all conflicts and service connected disabilities since it was founded in 1945. We received a federal charter from Congress on December 4, 1980.
Vietnam Veterans of America
Founded in 1978, Vietnam Veterans of America is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. VVA is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."

VVA's goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

Disabled American Veterans
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Our goal is to provide excellence in patient care, veterans' benefits and customer satisfaction. We have reformed our department internally and are striving for high quality, prompt and seamless service to veterans. Our department's employees continue to offer their dedication and commitment to help veterans get the services they have earned. Our nation's veterans deserve no less.
Military Personnel Records -- Request Online
Website for veterans to request military records through the National Archives.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Employment Opportunities with the Internal Revenue Service
Results of search on for jobs at the Internal Revenue Service
Support the Troops Military and Veterans Information
Center for Women Veterans - Dept. of VA
Veterans Adminstration "Returning Veterans" website
Marine for Life
The mission of the Marine for Life Program is to provide transition assistance to Marines who honorably leave active service and return to civilian life and to support injured Marines and their families. Customer Service: 1-866-435-7645
Marine for Life
Veterans Administration Health Benefits Enrollment
Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK #1
Veterans Administration Suicide Prevention Hotline, toll-free 1-800-273-TALK, option 1.
State Veterans Offices
Veterans benefits by state.
Wounded Warrior Assistance
The National Resource Directory (NRD) is an online tool for wounded, ill and injured Service Members, Veterans, their families, and those who support them. The NRD provides access to more than 11,000 services and resources at the national, state and local levels that support recovery, rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Maintained by the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs, the NRD links to federal and state government agencies; Veterans service and benefit organizations; non-profit and community-based organizations; academic institutions and professional associations who provide assistance to wounded warriors and their families.
U.S. Air Force Services Website
Welcome to your exclusive access to Air Force Services Agency/Force Support dining, recreation, and family support. Open to active duty and retired U.S. Air Force and their families.
Post-9/11 GI Bill
Veterans Administration Post 9/11 GI Bill page
Veterans History Project - Library of Congress
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by a 17-member board of directors — is the resource and technical assistance center for a national network of community-based service providers and local, state and federal agencies that provide emergency and supportive housing, food, health services, job training and placement assistance, legal aid and case management support for hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans each year.
America's Heroes at Work
U.S. Department of Labor website advocating for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and brain injuries.
National Resource Directory - Support for Wounded Warriors
An Online Partnership for Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Those Who Support Them
An Online Partnership for Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Those Who Support Them
Connecting the disability community to opportunities and information.
VA Health Benefits
An online portal for Veterans, family members and care givers to learn about eligibility, enrollment options and benefits offered by VHA.
VA Health Benefits