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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Hurricane Maria Fundraising Campaign Ends  

Announcements and News: Hurricane Maria Fundraising Campaign Ends


Hurricane Maria Fundraising Campaign Ends 


It is with some regret but some much gratefulness that the board of directors of Military Outreach for Service announces an end to the MOS Hurricane Maria GoFundMe campaign.

Started on October 5, 2017 by two MOS directors, about two weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico and millions of islanders endured weeks and months without many of the basic necessities of life, our campaign raised $12,151, less PayPal fees. We received 156 generous donations, mostly from employees of the Internal Revenue Service, but also from retirees and friends.

The local chapter of our nonprofit, the Regimental Chapter, took charge of disbursing the funds in partnership with the MOS board's relief committee, to those who they deemed most needy.

The campaign, which was one of the first of its kind in the Internal Revenue Service, received support from numerous high-ranking IRS officials, including former Commissioner John Koskinen. The campaign, which unfortunately took place in just before the beginning of the Combined Federal Campaign, received coverage on several IRS intranet websites including the W&I Insider page. IRS employees jumped on the bandwagon to help any way they could, and some employees personally sent care packages, gift cards, and money.

Some parting comments from donors:

"¡Puerto Rico se levanta!"

"May God bless PR."

"My heart & prayers are with everyone in Puerto Rico!!!"

"We are sympathetic to the suffering of everyone there. We hope for relief through this donation, our prayers and concern, and the synergy of everyone participating."

"From your friends at the Illini Blackhawk Veterans - MOS Chapter"

"Looking out for my fellow co-worker, in a time of need!!"

"Sending love and support to our IRS family in Puerto Rico."


Although this campaign is over, MOS members in need can still apply for financial assistance through MOS' Form 11-11 application process.


On behalf of my Puerto Rican amigos and your coworkers and comrades in arms, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.



David W. Heiser


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Created at 4/11/2018 9:00 PM  by D.W. Heiser 
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