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Announcements and News: FY 2018 Election Results


FY 2018 Election Results 


Below are the 2017 (FY 2018) election results for officers of the National Governance Board of MOS.
As a backdrop, pursuant to Article V Section 2 of the MOS By-Laws former president Ray Pratt, Jr., appointed an election committee to implement, oversee, and certify the election of MOS’s National President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The election committee consisted of Katrina Webber, Gay Sohnrey, Thanh Thao Le, Adam Shebroe, and Mark Hulse as chair of the election committee.  On August 15, 2017, the election committee sent an email to all MOS members notifying each member of the election and requesting nominations (including self-nominations) for the positions mentioned above.  The nominations were required to be with the election committee by September 8, 2017, and the election was to be held from September 13-22, 2017.  Due to hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the date for nominations was extended to September 21, 2017, and the election to be held from September 25-29, 2017.
The following members were nominated and accepted their nomination: Ken Brock (President), Stanley Walker (President), Thanh Thao D. Le (Treasurer), Adam Shebroe (Treasurer), Penny Heiner (Secretary), and Marie Judkins (Secretary).
On September 25, 2017, the election committee sent an email to all MOS members asking them to vote on the above nominations, and return their vote via email to Katrina Webber, Gay Sohnrey, and myself.  Since election committee members Thanh Thao Le and Adam Shebroe were candidates, we did not request votes be sent to them.
The election committee each received every vote, separately counted each vote, and certify that below are the results of the elections (please note, one member only voted for the position of President and not the other two positions so the number of votes for President does not equal the number of votes for Treasurer and Secretary):
  • Kenneth Brock - 24
    Stanley Walker – 23
  • Adam Shebroe – 39
    Thanh Thao Le: 7
  • Marie Judkins – 27
    Penny Heiner – 19
If Mr. Brock accepts his election as president (which he has), his position as vice-president will be vacant.  Under Article V Section 4 of the MOS By-Laws his vice-president position will be filled by a nomination by the President of MOS and ratified by a majority of the National Governance Board.
See the MOS Election Page for more information and biographies of the new officers.


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