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Announcements and News: Meet New MOS Board Members


Meet New MOS Board Members 


Kenneth BrockIn the National elections that ended September 30, 2016, Kenneth D. Brock and Lachelle Fryett were unanimously elected to the National Board of Governance.
Kenneth Brock will serve as the new vice president, replacing Jon Bird, who has served as MOS vice president since its being in 2008. Jon plans to retire from the IRS this year.
Lachelle FryettLachelle Fryett will serve as the new treasurer, replacing John Gray, who has served as National president and treasurer of MOS for the past six years.
See the biographies of the 2017 National Board of Governance on the Elections page.
The 2017 national elections were successfully run by MOS election committee members Michael Gyde, Alvin Groff, and Sheree Strauss.


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