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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Detroit Chapter of MOS Member Receives Two Awards  

Announcements and News: Detroit Chapter of MOS Member Receives Two Awards


Detroit Chapter of MOS Member Receives Two Awards 


Detroit Chapter of MOS Member Receives Two Awards

Disabled Veteran Pays it Forward

Retired U.S. Army First Sargeant Alvin Groff Named 2016 Veteran of the Year

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Alvin Groff survived three overseas conflicts — Granada, Panama and Desert Storm — but he paid a hefty physical price. During Desert Storm he developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from breathing in smoke from burning oil fields and dust.

Now decades later, Groff is deeply involved in supporting his fellow disabled veterans.

The Livingston County Veterans Council named Groff the Veteran of the Year for his dedication to community service.

"All I would say is I would do it again if I was physically able," Groff said of Desert Storm.

"That is why I do everything I do for veterans in the county," he said.

For the last five years, Groff has worked for the Internal Revenue Service as an administrative data analyst. Al was also honored for his work at the IRS by the Detroit Federal Executive Board's annual employee recognition ceremony in Warren.

(Read the entire article via the link below)

Jennifer Eberbach, Livingston Daily 4 p.m. EDT May 2, 2016 Contact Livingston Daily county and townships reporter Jennifer Eberbach at 517-548-7148 or at


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