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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > MOS hosts webinar on resiliency and job opportunities  

Announcements and News: MOS hosts webinar on resiliency and job opportunities


MOS hosts webinar on resiliency and job opportunities 


Webinar attendance by state. Click to enlarge. Military Outreach for Service conducted a virtual training seminar on December 14, 2015, for MOS members.

Collection Operations Manager Tina K. Smith led a session on resiliency, emphasizing the coping skills needed to persist in the face of personal and professional adversity.
Nicole Salazar, a manager in Ogden Submission Processing and current president of the Utah Chapter of HIRE, conducted a session on job opportunities in the Internal Revenue Service. She spoke on navigating the job listings on and using the IRS business unit websites to locate additional opportunities. She also shared resources on mock interviews and a mentoring program for Ogden campus employees.
Seminar attendees also heard from MOS National President Ray Pratt, Jr., who welcomed members and led the National Anthem.
Seminar organizer and MOS past president Carol Permar reported that 26 MOS members attended the Live Meeting session.
The training session was conducted in response to MOS member survey responses for training on career enhancement.
You can review training materials from this session on the MOS website.
MOS is planning a national training conference during June 2016. You can send your suggestions for the conference to Carol Permar or contact her if you want to help. Stay tuned for more information.


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