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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Message From Outgoing President Carol Permar  

Announcements and News: Message From Outgoing President Carol Permar


Message From Outgoing President Carol Permar 


To all MOS Members:


MOS President Carol PermarThe election polls have closed for new officers of Military Outreach for Service. Thank you everyone who took the time to vote. We appreciate it. Effective Oct. 1, 2015, Ray Pratt (current president of the Detroit chapter of MOS) becomes the new National President and Marie Judkins (current president of M.O.S.T. - Ogden chapter) will be the new National Secretary. Their terms run for two years. Congratulations to both of them. You can read their profiles on our Elections page.


      It has been an interesting two years, a great learning experience and a rewarding opportunity to work with a dedicated National team. National MOS has accomplished a lot. We’ve implemented revised bylaws thanks to the efforts of National Treasurer John Gray, Communications Director David Heiser, and National Vice President Jon Bird. We’ve held three successful virtual Training conferences with great speakers including W&I commissioner Debra Holland, Kathleen Walters from Human Capital Office, retired Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion director Monica Davy, and executive sponsors: W&I Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jim Clifford and SPEC Director Area 1 Dennis Krings. We’ve brought on two new chapters: MOS Minutemen from Andover and the Detroit chapter of MOS. A couple more are in the works. We’ve increased membership of MOS to 248. We’ve created a grant program that we call the 11-11 Fund to provide educational and emergency financial assistance, we’ve donated money to the Semper K9 charity and worked with M.O.S.T. to challenge the chapters to a holiday card contest, resulting in more than 2,000 greeting cards delivered to hospitalized Veteran service members. We’ve created standard operating procedures for social media and started a monthly newsletter, designed and edited by Washington DC chapter member Samantha Cairns. Last Thursday evening, National MOS held the first quarterly “Meeting of the Minds” conference call with a majority of local chapter officers. Its purpose is to address common issues among the chapters and pool our resources. 


    This past summer, National MOS donated funds to buy 150 bags for a local impoverished school in Kosovo that recently deployed MOS member Gilbert Buentello (Liberty Bell Chapter in Philadelphia) and his company have taken on an outreach project called 3P’s (for pencils, pens and paper for peace). Last year, National MOS funded a request for supplies for 150 American service members stationed at an American base in Afghanistan. They needed the supplies to boost their unit’s moral during their upcoming “Amazing Race.” The shipment included energy drinks, snacks and winter clothing (gloves, hats and scarves). MOS is proud to provide support to IRS employees or their family members who are deployed with the U.S. military. If you or a family member is or about to be deployed overseas in service of our country, please send the name and the military address to the National Governance Board at


   Also in the past two years, John Gray, National Treasurer, researched ways of reducing our banking costs. Every year in March he files the 990N on behalf of National and the chapters. He also maintains the books and financial records for National. MOS Executive Director David Heiser (Washington DC chapter) took on additional duties of re-enrolling membership. The MOS board created a FY16 budget. Additionally, we’ve surveyed you for your feedback for important issues such as training conference ideas.


    One of our biggest accomplishments was bringing on board IRS Attorney Mark Hulse as Counsel to the National Board. He has been extremely instrumental in investigating insurance needs for our organization and putting together the group ruling exemption letter that will cover the chapters under the umbrella of National MOS for tax purposes. This past July he represented MOS at EDI’s meeting with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Mark has also been investigating state non-profit registration requirements and will be meeting with each chapter individually. Mark’s son recently deployed overseas with the U.S. Marines.


    Special thanks also goes to David Heiser. He is the rock behind National MOS. His dedication is endless. He retired this past January after 35 years with the IRS. Yet we convinced him to stay on in a new role as executive director where he provides administrative support, processes national memberships, maintains the LinkedIn and Facebook sites, and helps MOS in many other ways. He works relentlessly on the MOS website and is currently upgrading our website to SharePoint 2013 for an updated look and feel.


   But most important of all is you, the MOS member, without which none of this would be possible. I so much appreciate your military service, your unselfish commitment to our country and your support of your military family. This organization is for you and we cannot be successful without your participation. Please continue to send MOS your feedback, help recruit new members, get involved with one of our committees or with your local chapter and donate at least the suggested dues amount so we can keep MOS running.


   In the near term, I will do what I can to help make a smooth transition for our new National President. In the future, I plan to help with chapter development at the National level and work with my local chapter, M.O.S.T., here in sunny Ogden, Utah.


Thank you everyone,



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Created at 9/29/2015 8:41 AM  by D.W. Heiser 
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