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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Care Packages a Big Hit in Kosovo  

Announcements and News: Care Packages a Big Hit in Kosovo


Care Packages a Big Hit in Kosovo 


Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Buentello. Click to enlarge.U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Buentello took delivery this month of several care packages In Kosovo from MOS members and IRS employees. Employees packed boxes with candies, snacks, one-serving meals, toiletries and other items and mailed the packages from Fresno, Pittsburgh, and Ogden. Employees included greeting cards and personal notes of good cheer.
In an email acknowledgement to Phoua Yang, a MOS member in Fresno, LTC Buentello said:
"I got all your boxes today, and we had a blast going through them. We are going to make a lot of Soldiers happy with the goodies in remote areas here in Kosovo. I really appreciate what you have done for us.
"Here are
some pics to share with the group back home. I will be snapping some other pics with the camera you sent me.
"My Soldiers were really impressed that you listened to their requests. It was like Christmas in August! 
Again, Thank you so much for your generosity."
LTC Buentello is deployed with the U.S. Army National Guard in Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. He leads his team on outreach efforts throughout the local area. He is an IRS employee and a member of the MOS Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter and HIRE.
You can follow LTC Buentello on Facebook at


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