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Announcements and News: Facebook favored by MOS Survey Respondents


Facebook favored by MOS Survey Respondents 


Graphic showing MOS social media usage. Click to enlarge.Facebook and email are the favored forms of social media communication according to a survey of MOS members. 55% of 45 respondents spend at least one hour each week on Facebook and 97% spend at least an hour responding to emails. 51% spent more than five hours a week dealing with emails.
The vast majority would go to social media for MOS updates, with email and Facebook being the overwhelming preferences. Visit the MOS Facebook page.
One out of 39 respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the MOS website. And two did not know the address. You can visit the website at
48% said they visit the MOS website for organizational information and 28% citing monthly visits and 37% citing quarterly visits. For the most part, respondents express neutrality over the website's navigation, freshness of content, quality and quantity of content, layout, and meeting their needs.
Suggestions for the website included design upgrades, more current chapter information (this is dependent on chapters contributing news and announcements), email notifications for new content, veterans news, and better advertising.
The survey was conducted in August 2015 by MOS Communications Team member Samantha Cairns with the approval of the MOS National Board in an effort to improve outreach to members. You can read the full results by clicking on the attachment to this article.
The results were discussed by the National Governance Board and the board decided to provide for funding for a new website. Stay tuned. You can comment on our LinkedIn page.


MOS Comm Survey Results - Aug 2015.pdf    
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