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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Fresno Employees Unite for Care Package Drive for Troops in Kosovo  

Announcements and News: Fresno Employees Unite for Care Package Drive for Troops in Kosovo


Fresno Employees Unite for Care Package Drive for Troops in Kosovo 


Fresno employees conduct care package drive for U.S. Army outreach initiative in KosovoIRS employees in Fresno, CA haven't forgotten about American troops stationed in dangerous tours of duty aboard. In early August 2015, employees in Accounts Management, Compliance and other business units responded to a call issued by MOS National President Carol Permar to help a service member in Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. Organized in part by MOS member Phoua Yang, local employees collected snacks, candies, thank you notes, and other items, enough to fill eight large boxes. (View photos of the care package drive).
Phoua reported that the response was big because there are numerous veterans working at the IRS Fresno campus. She coordinated the drive with the assistance of the local chapter of Asian Pacific Internal Revenue Employees (ASPIRE), of which she is also a member.
Phoua said: "This was a great opportunity that I wanted to participate in.  I am a Community Liaison for ASPIRE and figured; “What a good cause! The officers of ASPIRE will want to participate too.”  The drive was held for one and a half weeks here in Fresno and was a success.  Care packages were shipped today.  We had veterans, spouses of veterans and many proud supporters of our soldiers donating to the care packages for LTC Gilbert Buentello.  We all felt that no matter where he may be from or what service center, we are all one big family."

LTC Buentello participates in an effort to reach out to students in the area surrounding Camp Bondsteel. Camp Bondsteel is the main base of the United States Army under KFOR command in Kosovo. Located near Ferizaj in the eastern part of Kosovo, the base serves as the NATO headquarters
for KFOR's Multinational Battle Group East (MNBG-E). The base is named after Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient United States Army Staff Sergeant James L. Bondsteel.
LTC Buentello expressed his appreciation for all the support from MOS members in an email to MOS President Permar.
Phoua is also working on creating an MOS chapter in the Fresno area. You can contact her at PHOUA.YANG@IRS.GOV if you are interesting in helping or joining.


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