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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > On the Occasion of Our Nation's 239th Birthday  

Announcements and News: On the Occasion of Our Nation's 239th Birthday


On the Occasion of Our Nation's 239th Birthday 


Fireworks behind the American flagLet me be the first to wish you a Happy 4th of July! Like many of you I plan to spend the weekend relaxing and celebrating our nation’s birthday with family and friends and enjoying the traditions; picnics, parades and fireworks.
Friendly Factoid: “1938 Federal Employees Rejoice” (ABCNews)
Congress officially declared July 4 a federal holiday back in 1870, but it took them nearly 70 years to give federal employees a paid day off. July 4, 1938, was the first Independence Day that federal employees picnicked, barbequed and fireworked without denting their paychecks.
As much as we each enjoy the traditions, Independence Day is, most of all an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our citizenship. The Declaration of Independence makes it clear. To be American is about much more than the place we call home. It’s a deeply felt commitment to higher principles: liberty, equality and opportunity.
As current, retired or former members of the armed services, or a member of the family that supports them, our unique community has first-hand experience of the solemn responsibility it takes to defend this Nation.
Please take a moment on the Fourth to also remember those who have fallen in its defense. We also acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of their loving families. It is their heroism that has paved the remarkable path of freedom’s march.
Every day we exercise our rights and freedoms in America, we celebrate Independence Day. We wish you a great Fourth of July and every other day of independence throughout the year. Be safe!
MOS Governing Board and Marketing/Communications Committee


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Created at 7/2/2015 10:40 AM  by D.W. Heiser 
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