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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > MOS Members Mail Holiday Spirit to Troops in Need  

Announcements and News: MOS Members Mail Holiday Spirit to Troops in Need


MOS Members Mail Holiday Spirit to Troops in Need 


Special holiday cards from MOS relativesMembers of MOS and IRS employees from across the country pitched in to bring a little holiday cheer to those needing it most this past holiday season. Boxes and boxes of cards were designed, signed, and collected for servicemembers recuperating from combat injuries and other medical conditions at some of our military and Veterans hospitals.
Notable chapters included the Military Outreach for Service for Troops (M.O.S.T) Chapter in Ogden took top prize in collecting 1,452 holiday cards. The Washington DC chapter collected 518 cards. M.O.S.T. presented their cards to a local chapter of the American Red Cross and the DC chapter delivered theirs to the Yellow Ribbon Fund which works with wounded warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and at the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in Virginia. The latter is a treatment center for servicemembers suffering from traumatic brain injuries.
One MOS member suggested a holiday card activity to her nieces during the Thanksgiving holiday. Another solicited hand-drawn cards from his five and eight year old children. An executive issued a challenge to her entire division, resulting in over 300 cards. A manager at the Ogden campus rallied his employees, resulting in over 700 cards. Some managers in Washington DC brought boxes of cards to meetings and encouraged attendees to make their pens useful.
M.O.S.T. Chapter President Marie Judkins, who organized the campaign locally in Ogden in past years and ran the national campaign for 2014, said the responses in 2014 were down but was encouraged by the number of IRS employees who participated and contributed.
At its monthly meeting in January, the MOS National Board awarded $100 to the M.O.S.T. chapter and $50 to the Washington DC chapter.
You can view photos of the M.O.S.T. card collection on the dining room table of Chapter President Marie Judkins and photos from the Wash DC Chapter.


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