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Announcements and News: MOS Responds to Request for Help from Afghanistan


MOS Responds to Request for Help from Afghanistan 


image of a care packageIn early October, MOS received an email request from a service member stationed at a base in Afghanistan asking for assistance with a local event for American troops. The request was the result of care packages the Atlanta chapter, Peachtree Patriots, had sent to that area recently.
MOS board members met to consider this unusual request and decided unanimously that action was warranted. MOS national membership dues would be used to fund the action. With the help of one of the MOS chapter presidents who had just returned from deployment as a National Guard member, board members spent Columbus Day online ordering special supplies for 150 service members.
The order included energy drinks, two kinds of snacks, and a winter cap, scarf, and glove package. Due to the complexity of the order, the shipper couldn't sent everything at once.
A lesson learned was that shopping on online at a retailer such as, Walmart, or other big vendor, facilitated bulk purchases and shipping. One has to make sure the vendor ships to APO or FPO addresses. The addressee has to be a person and not a military unit. One needs to make sure the military contact will be around long enough to receive the shipment.
The service member contact said that the soldiers would be more than pleased with whatever MOS could do and said that thank you notes and photos would follow.
Look to this page for a follow-up news article. You can donate to further MOS care package efforts on our donation page.


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