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Announcements and News: Welcome MOS Minutemen


Welcome MOS Minutemen 


On September 11, 2014, the National Governance Board of Military Outreach for Service approved the application request for the 12th officially recognized chapter. The newest official chapter is the MOS Minutemen, based in Andover and covering the state of Massachusetts.
Employees in Andover began the application process in May 2014 at the instigation of Michael Kelleher, now the chapter secretary. Other officers for the new chapter include Jeffrey Dumas and Maria Sangari as co-presidents, Donna Parker as vice president, and Connie Miele as treasurer.
The MOS Minutemen Chapter started with 22 members and a mission of helping local veterans in need and providing moral and other support to American troops stationed abroad.
"Minuteman" was the name given to some of the first soldiers of the American Revolution. The minutemen provided a rapidly deployable force of well-trained soldiers whom the continental army used to quickly deploy to war threats. Their members included Paul Revere. 


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