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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Peachtree Patriots to Coordinate Care Packages for Troops  

Announcements and News: Peachtree Patriots to Coordinate Care Packages for Troops


Peachtree Patriots to Coordinate Care Packages for Troops 


Poster for 2014 care package campaign. Click to enlarge.The Atlanta Chapter of MOS, Peachtree Patriots, has volunteered to coordinate a nationwide care package campaign for American servicemen and women deployed overseas. Christopher Stackfleth, co-president of the chapter, is requesting that all MOS members and chapters solicit names of deployed servicemembers, be they IRS employees, family, friends, or just people you know actively serving overseas.
Please provide the full name and rank, complete military address, and home state for each deployed member you nominate. The chapter will coordinate the assembly, packing, and mailing of care packages to as many American troops as possible. The deadline for name submission is August 15, 2014. Send the nominations to:
Once the names have been submitted, lists will be sent to the presidents of the MOS chapters across the country so that those chapters can conduct supplemental care package campaigns for servicemembers from their home states.
Despite the phasing down of the war in Afghanistan, many of our sons, daughters, relatives, and friends continue put their lives on the line as they serve our country overseas in dangerous or lonely environments. This is one way of MOS members saying, "Thank you, you are not forgotten but deeply appreciated."


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