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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > Attendees Give MOS Conference Excellent Ratings  

Announcements and News: Attendees Give MOS Conference Excellent Ratings


Attendees Give MOS Conference Excellent Ratings 


Attendees at the 2014 Military Outreach for Service conference (see the June 28 story on the MOS website) on June 24 overwhelming were pretty pleased with the event and expressed their views in a post-conference survey.
54 percent said the online format worked well. Said one attendee, " I thought it was well done and the topics were relevant and on point. Thanks for putting together such a good conference, particularly in the virtual format. It was better than a lot of conferences I have attended recently."
Many attendees would have preferred to attend in person if money had been available because of improved opportunities to network and social in person. Said one person, "The online format worked well. Much better than I had anticipated and would gladly participate again if the agenda holds up. However, I would have rather attended in person. Hopefully in the future there is an opportunity to do so, as I believe there are gains that can't be
quantified by meeting face-to-face. Understanding budget constraints, this is a good alternative to get all chapters together."
71 percent of attendees felt the conference length was appropriate. While the program did not provide for any breaks, the MOS conference committee felt that because of the online format, attendees would leave and come back as they needed rather than force everyone to the same schedule. The conference crossed all continental U.S. time zones, making it difficult to accommodate personal preferences.
2014 MOS Conference Attendees by State. Click to enlarge.Attendance was represented by a broad cross-section of MOS membership. Employees attended from 19 cities and 15 states across the country, from San Francisco, California to Augusta, Maine. 33 percent said they were a member of a recognized MOS chapter; 17 percent were unsure.
Surveyed MOS members who did not attend said they generally didn't because of a work or
personal conflict.
Attendees rated the presentations pretty much equally with all receiving a favorable rating
of around 60 percent. The sessions on Hiring and Retaining Veterans by MOS Executive Sponsor
& W&I Compliance Director Jim Clifford and W&I Commissioner Debra Holland's talk on her
personal experiences as a military spouse ranked as the top favorites. One attendee said, "I was particularly touched by the Blue Star Families presentation [by Pamela Stokes Eggleston]. I am not a veteran, my husband is in the Army Reserves and has served in combat. The Blue Star presentation recognized and validated my role as a care giver of a veteran with PTSD and TBI. We do not live in an area where there is much of a military presence or
support of military families. Thank you."
Future Conferences
Attendees provided relevant suggestions for future conferences with the overall mantra of "keep doing it." One suggestion was to push for more local gatherings of attendees in local conference rooms so that they could attend together and network among each other. Attendees suggested the following topics:
Career Planning
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Managing Personal and Professional Transitions
Mentoring and Coaching
MOS Status
Presentation Skills
Self Help
Servant Leadership 8
Transition from Military to Civilian Life 12
Veterans Benefits 15
A couple of attendees suggested a little more focus on the activities of MOS and the local chapters.
The Employee Organization policy requires that a conference for a recognized employee organization at the Internal Revenue Service such as MOS focus on career development and skills improvement in order for the agency to provide official time for attendance. When asked about the type of career development MOS should offer at future conferences, attendees
provided the following preferences:
Interpersonal communications
Interview skills
No preference
Political savvy
You can view all the 2014 MOS Conference survey results (PDF) and the 2014 conference proceedings in the MOS website document library. Please send your questions or comments to or leave your comments on Facebook.


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