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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > MOS 1st Annual Conference a Big Success  

Announcements and News: MOS 1st Annual Conference a Big Success


MOS 1st Annual Conference a Big Success 


MOS National President Carol PermarMilitary Outreach for Service National President Carol Permar, with the help of several members, pulled off what had been a dream for MOS for several years. Our organization hosted its first annual conference, using online technology to save on costs, on June 24, 2014.
Carol said it was a proud moment when the conference ended successfully. Attendees included more than 50 military veterans, spouses, and relatives of veterans employed at the IRS. Employees dialed into Live Meeting from IRS posts from Portland, Oregon to Andover, Massachusetts. Attendees represented around 20% of the current membership.
Carol announced to attendees that Jim Clifford, who helped found MOS in 2008, had agreed to be the MOS executive sponsor to enable the organization to
attain IRS recognized employee organization status. Carol also virtually handed out achievement awards to MOS members:
  • Paula Golladay, President, Washington DC Chapter, for her work on the MOS mentoring program and helping with the conference
  • George Davis, President, Illini Blackhawk Veterans Chapter, for his dedicated services to the Illinois Chapter and contributions to national board meetings
  • Marie Judkins, President, Military Outreach Service for Troops, for her contributions to the national board, taking charge of the Holiday Card for Troops campaign, and her work with the Ogden Chapter
  • Mark Hulse, Counsel to the National Board, for his invaluable legal expertise, work in getting MOS  up-to-date on legal filings, and helping formative chapters with their paperwork
  • Christopher Stackfleth, Co-President, Peachtree Patriots Chapter, for emceeing the conference, contributions to the national board, and work with the Atlanta Chapter
  • David Heiser, Director, Communications, for emceeing the conference, helping with conference preparations and his work as webmaster
Carol announced the start of the Holiday Cards for Wounded Warriors campaign, in connection with the American Red Cross, where each chapter is challenged to collect as many holiday cards as possible (Note: No glitter and no sealed envelopes). She said that Marie Judkins is the chair of this nationwide campaign. View the flyer and the official guidelines.

Other featured IRS speakers included Wage & Investment Commissioner Debra Holland; W&I Accounts Management Director Jim Clifford; MOS President Carol Permar, Small Business & Self-Employed, Ogden Compliance Services; Lorna Dirr, Human Capital Office Benefits and Services Team (BeST); Jon Bird, vice president of MOS and a senior program analyst in W&I Communications & Liaison, and David Heiser, MOS board member and an analyst in W&I Media & Publications.
Debra Holland, who is also a member of the Peachtree Patriots Chapter, spoke about her family connections to the military and the challenges she faced as a young Army mother relocating her family to Upper Peninsula, Michigan. She said that she truly appreciates the skills and professionalism that military veterans bring to the IRS and expressed a need for the Service to increase retention of veterans and persons with disabilities.
Jim Clifford, our new executive sponsor, challenged MOS to increase its value to IRS military veterans, of which represent approximately 8 percent of the IRS workforce and said that this conference represents huge progress for the young nonprofit organization. He also challenged IRS managers to increase hiring and retention of disabled veterans and Americans with disabilities. Managers can contact the W&I Accessibility Office for more information.
Jon Bird, a Vietnam veteran and retired colonel, spoke about his experiences in the Vietnam War and showed film clips of the war made by the 221st Signal Company. Jon has been actively involved with MOS since its conception and performs additional volunteer work for Atlanta organizations serving local veterans. Watch the movies by clicking on the links in his presentation.
Lorna Dirr advised attendees on the process for receiving credit for military service when calculating federal civil service retirement and displayed examples of the benefits of paying in a deposit to increase the federal retirement annuity. IRS employees with questions about this process should open an Employee Resource Center (ERC) ticket and ask to speak with a retirement specialist. You can also review Lorna's presentation.

David Heiser, who stood in for Paula Golladay, the IRS Schedule A Program Manager, described the two different types of resumes, provided tips for career building, and spoke about MOS plans for a mentoring program. You can review Paula's presentation and contact her if you have any questions. 

Outside speakers included Pamela Stokes Eggleston, a director at Blue Star Families, who talked about the challenges caregivers of wounded warriors face and what people can do to help. There are 5.5 million military-related caregivers in the U.S. and 20 percent are post-9/11. One statement needs highlighting: “Don’t ever tell a caregiver that you couldn’t be in their shoes. Every caregiver is different and has different needs and each situation is unique. Don’t try to relate if you can’t but keep the lines of communication open and offer to help however you can.”  Pamela's presentation provides a wealth of materials about and for military caregivers.
Tammy Folkman, the county coordinator for emergency services in Weber County, Utah spoke to attendees about community emergency response preparedness. Her presentation provided a wealth of information and suggestions to be duplicated in other communities.

All the conference presentations are in the Shared Document library. Members who missed the conference can review the program. Listen to the National Anthem and view the collection of photos of IRS military veterans that Carol put together (these are big files: one, two, three, and four).


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