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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > IRS Exceeds FY 13 goal for hiring veterans and disabled veterans  

Announcements and News: IRS Exceeds FY 13 goal for hiring veterans and disabled veterans


IRS Exceeds FY 13 goal for hiring veterans and disabled veterans 


The IRS Human Capital Office announced on its website (accessible only inside the IRS firewall) in early November 2013 that hiring veterans is a success. This despite hiring freezes, furloughs, sequestration, and downsizing in some departments. As of August 23, 2013, 9,236 veterans worked at the IRS. Unstated was that Military Outreach for Service helped HCO achieve this success.

"The IRS is committed to supporting our veterans. We have a long tradition of hiring veterans into permanent jobs here at the IRS. In FY13, we exceeded the expectation by hiring 572 veterans servicewide compared to 520 in FY12, which is 10% more in FY13. Also, of the 572 hired last year, 257 of them were disabled veterans," the HCO website said.

"How did we achieve this accomplishment? By collaborating with our partners and stakeholders within the local communities, we were able to attract qualified applicants through job fairs and virtual recruitment fairs targeted at veterans. Then by working closely with the business units to match skills of the applicants with jobs that are available and ready to fill within the business units, we were able to exceed our veteran hiring goal."

"Some of the local military recruitment events that the IRS attended were:

  • Wounded Warrior fairs,
  • Hiring Our Heroes,
  • American Legion,
  • OPM Agency Spotlight events and involvement in Transition Assistance Programs,
  • Army Career and Alumni Program Virtual Career Fairs, and
  • others

"Also the IRS has a robust Veteran Internship program with 126 participants in FY13, compared to 90 participants in FY12. The Veteran Internship program provides non-paid, meaningful work to veterans who are either on active duty status but in a military transition unit or no longer on active duty status and participating in the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation and Education program or enrolled in an accredited college or university."

Left unsaid on the HCO website was the role played by MOS as an organization and by individual MOS members. Since 2008, MOS has actively promoted the hiring of veterans and is bound to continue so as part of its mission.

One of our members, Paula Golladay, for example, is an HCO recruiter who specializes in Schedule A hiring. MOS members push job announcements to other veterans organizations and other veteran contacts. Our website promotes IRS as a first choice for employment.

Executives in MOS ranks, including Jim Clifford, have actively participated in the IRS hiring programs such as wounded warriors internships. MOS members mentor, formally or not, new veteran hirees. Some members participate in the buddy program that helps orient new employees to the facilities and culture of the IRS.

However, the need for an active veterans organization within the agency remains as it faces long-term challenges include retention and acclimatization into the civilian workforce.

Other issues include reasonable accommodation for those of us with visible or invisible injuries, transition into meaningful and fulfilling careers, help for the wounded warrior caregivers in our ranks, understanding and adjustments to our needs by management, and recognition for the sacrifices made by the military veteran workforce.

You can help by promoting membership in MOS (sign up on our website -- membership is free for FY 2014) and speaking up when you witness veterans issues that need to be addressed. Or, send your concerns to your local MOS chapter president.

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Created at 11/6/2013 8:04 AM  by D.W. Heiser 
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