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Announcements and News: Distinguished MOS Members On To New Venues


Distinguished MOS Members On To New Venues 


Three valued members of Military Outreach for Service are headed out the door by the end of the year: two are retiring and one has a new job.
Matthew Ferrero, an executive with the Human Capital Office and an executive co-founder of MOS in 2008, is retiring at the end of 2012. Matt not only helped write the original by-laws, he also helped by providing counsel to the MOS national presidents, assisted with the launch of the MOS mentoring program pilot, and lobbied other IRS executives in support of MOS. Matt was most recently honored with an IRS Commissioner's award for Leadership Excellence.
John A. Mansfield, a supervisory revenue agent and officer on the 2012 - 2013 MOS National Governance Board, is retiring at the end of 2012. John helped the bylaws committee and helped new MOS chapters with their applications for recognition.
John Mansfield with his twin grand-daughters
Richard A. Guernsey, a technical advisor for the National Taxpayer Advocate office, is leaving the IRS in December 2012 to start a new position with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Rich helped mentor new MOS chapters and was an active member of the M.O.S.T Chapter in Ogden, Utah.


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