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Military Outreach for Service > Announcements and News > MOS Co-Founder Recipient of Prestigious IRS Award  

Announcements and News: MOS Co-Founder Recipient of Prestigious IRS Award


MOS Co-Founder Recipient of Prestigious IRS Award 


Photo of Matt FerreroIn November 2012, Mathew Ferrero, an executive co-founder of Military Outreach for Service, was awarded the IRS Commissioner's award for Leadership Excellence. Matt is currently the Director of Leadership Succession, Readiness & Development in the IRS Human Capital Office.
Matt, your fellow military veteran co-workers salute you for this well-deserved honor. We are humbled to have you as part of our own family.
Matt told MOS that "I was humbled to receive this, as it would not happen without the unwavering support of my work team, peers, and managers over the past year."
Following is the justification for the award:

Mathew Ferrero demonstrates IRS values through his accomplishments and collaborative style. A role model for and driver of transformational leadership, Matt has few equals. He serves the IRS and the community by recruiting at IRS Job Fairs, mentoring aspiring managers, instructing leadership courses and his volunteering with the Make-A-Wish foundation for over ten years. 


As the manager of the HCO office in LEADS that oversees Leadership Succession, Readiness programs and Coaching and Mentoring, Matt contributes to the Commissioner’s goals to make IRS a best place to work and to ensure we have a population ready for future leadership positions:

  1. Matt developed and implemented the new leadership strategy based upon recognized industry and existing best practices in IRS, including recommendations from the Workforce of Tomorrow. His leadership helped drive the leadership succession review process (LSR) move beyond planning to become part of the leadership selection process and become integrated into overall performance management.  LSR reports are used for a wide variety of applications to benefit the organization.
  2. Matt was instrumental in the resolution of a long-standing issue by gaining Servicewide agreement on executive level readiness definitions resulting in more accurate succession planning data.
  1. Matt is heavily invested in making the concept of Geographic Leadership Communities (GLCs) a reality. He actively participated in the first three pilots of the GLCs. The highly visible program was recognized as a best practice by public/ private sector Chief Learning Officers during the 2011 Corporate Leadership Council meeting.  He is now engaged in expanding them to multiple locations.  He oversaw the creation of the GLC   Area of Interest, posted on iManage, which contains comprehensive information on how to establish and sustain GLCs for leaders. 
  2. Matt oversaw the team that totally revamped the IRS Coaching and Mentoring website to rave reviews, transforming the site into a state of the art performance support including instructional videos on coaching, podcasts on developing impactful mentor/protégé relationships.
  3. Matt is actively involved in the design and delivery of the Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP), identifying and accelerating development of high potential employees and preparing them for the executive ranks, reducing development time by 50 percent.

Mathew Ferrero’s strength as a leader is collaborating with stakeholders and customers and leveraging the diverse talents of his work team to find the best approach for achieving business goals. His exceptional ability to build teams has resulted in high ESS Workgroup scores especially in the area of trust and confidence and employee development.  His team benefits from his living his beliefs and modeling behaviors promoting a dynamic and constructive business culture.  Collaborating with employees, providing challenging leadership assignments in high profile projects, cross-training staff and providing recognition creates an engaged and committed work team that produces high quality business results. Excellence in Matt’s program areas brings recognition to IRS: “best practice” recognition has helped the IRS move into the top ten of The Partnership for Public Service list of “best places to work in government” and winning the prestigious Bersin Award for Leadership Development Strategy Excellence.


Matt’s employees recognize his strengths of balancing direction and autonomy, active listening, providing thoughtful feedback, providing a safe environment for risk taking, courageous patience and visionary thinking. They reward his leadership by consistently and continuously producing high quality results.


Matt exemplifies leadership -- in his work with his team, with those he mentors and with his colleagues and customers.


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