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2014 MOS Conference Survey - Closed: Respond to this Survey

My IRS post of duty is

I am a member of a MOS recognized chapter
I attended the 2014 MOS training conference
I do not attend the MOS conference because:
I attended
My ability to enroll in the conference
Rate the presentations
  Low Average High 
Blue Star Family presentation on Military Families 
CERT presentation on Community Emergency Response 
Jim Clifford on Hiring and Retaining veterans 
David Heiser on Resumes, Careers, and MOS Mentoring 
Lorna Dirr on Military Service Credit 
Jon Bird on the Raw War 
Debra Holland on her military connections 
MOS President Carol Permar 
Cohosting by Chris Stackfleth and David Heiser 
What were your reasons for attending the conference?
How do you feel about the number of sessions?
What speakers or topics would you like at a future conference?
What type of career development presentation would you like to see?
How did you feel about the virtual conference format?
Comments about this conference

Suggestions about future MOS conferences

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