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Soldier's Home Needs Help!
I am writing this in an effort to get some assistance for the Soldier's Home located at 1301 Orting-Kapowsin Highway, Orting, WA 98360.
During a conversation with Mrs. Lynn Zemke the Therapeutic Recreation Director at the home. She has stated they have about half the funds they need to do some renovations at the home and were expecting to get matching funds from the state to be able to begin the renovations to help the veteran's that call the facility home. The recent financial down turn has possibly put an indefinite hold on those matching funds.
I have very busy schedule right now and I don't have the time that this project requires be put into making it happen. I am hoping that the MOS can step up as a whole and help these veterans improve their living situation.
I have been to the facility on a couple of different occasions and have plans this April to complete some volunteer work for my FLRP training when my work and training schedule permits.
I think this facility could use some serious expansion in addition to the renovations they are looking to have done. Some people live in rooms barely big enough to hold their hospital bed and a wall locker for their personal effects. I have had larger rooms to myself during my military career.
I have seen some recent episodes of Extreme Home Make-over and I have a thought and could use some help putting it together. They have mentioned on the show that they are looking to help military service members this season.
I think if the members of the MOS can help me get a video together asking the team from Extreme Home Make-over to come to the Orting Soldier's Home and possibly help build a new building on the campus with larger rooms for the resident's as well as improve some of the on site physical therapy facilities it would improve the lives of several military veterans that live there.
I look forward to responses from anyone that can help.  


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