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How do we make them understand?

A life Military Community for years, regardless of how many,  transition back into civilian workplace and life is NO JOKE! 

NO Formations, Range, Field, or Deployments - Cool but I miss it, sometimes!! 

Buddy System - Out the window, you have to watch your own back; Long hours meant nothing to us because the job had to be done.  It had to be done the right way!

Pay & Benefits - We had no option because the military took care of it for us. (Once a year validations).  The first of month - Payday activities and sometimes on the 15th. 

Training Once a Week - Everybody went or attend training somewhere because everyone needed to be informed, NO Choice!

Paperwork - We had a Checklist & SOP for everything.

Family - It seems like your always away for something.....Let's not mention Dual Military.....the kids really suffer!  I seem to pass my husband by with a 'fist bump' on our to the next assignment, deployment, TDY, etc.  ---Don't miss this part!!

I don't think non-military or persons who have never associated with a Military Community in anyway truly  understand what we went through or still go through. 

Do you ever just sit back and think about what you went through or still go through in the Military.  If you're not having a very good day and you think to yourself, they just don't understand!!!

Well, I also wanted to share this website:

And a new book that just came out, The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle against America's Veterans by Aaron Glantz. 

So far, it's a good book!  It will make you think, get mad, and you may even shed a tear.  A Military Community is something you will never experience in civilian life or workplace.  Trying to make people understand that has never experienced the mlitary life, is a challenge. 

MOS is what true symbol of 'Brother/Sisterhood' is all about!
Debbie L. Young at 1/16/2009 12:21 PM

The IRS needs triage

     For someone from "the outside," the IRS can be intimidating. Despite years of working within the Dept. of Defense (DoD), I found the IRS to be a really inbred organization. The people are great, but if you didn't start your career here, then don't expect to advance as others do.
     Why? Because Time in Service with the IRS always trumps Time in Grade. So you could be a GS-12 with five years in that role and come up for a detail, but you would lose out to a GS-12 with one year at that level, who also had six years in the Service.
     During promotion interviews, I've been told to cite your IRS experiences and this makes sense. But I've been discouraged from bringing in much more important accomplishments from the outside, because they won't count.
     If you receive maximium performance ratings and performance awards, then you go before the interview panels as "equals." But it seems that your real work performance within the IRS doesn't really count, except to give you points on your application form.
     As long as the entire system seems weighted toward those from within, the IRS will not be as attractive to external candidates as it should be.
Jon P. Bird at 2/16/2009 11:45 AM

Tuition Assistance

Just a heads up if you're considering tuition assistance for the first time:

I saw the announcement about tuition assistance open season and knew that I must post this.  I had a horrible time getting assistance and there are other people in my office that experienced it too.  The application was easy, but getting the money wasn't.  My school started at the correct time to make me eligible, but I had to pay before the class started (about a week) and had put that on my application.  I spent about two weeks sending emails and calling to get my Rep to pay for the class.  On the very last day, my manager had to call their manager's manager to get it done.  Then, after all that I had to send in a receipt to get reimbursed for my books (which never happened). 

I am very dissapointed and I know that there are other people in my office who this has happened to.  It was never this hard when I was in the Navy, and it shouldn't be this hard now.  
Courtney M. Popenberg at 2/24/2009 2:29 PM